About Me

Hi there!


Who am I?

Let me begin with few words about myself. My name is Bogdan Berg, I was born and raised in Poland, then moved to United States after graduating and receiving a job offer, to see what future brings. I enjoy creating things: be it software, hardware, crafts, or short videos documenting my adventures. I’m also passionate about cars, so you may see me at a car meet in the area. And I adore parrots 😉 I live in Redmond, WA.


What is this blog about?

I’ve been thinking about documenting my projects for some time now – but there was always something else to keep me occupied. Now, I finally found some time to collect the most interesting creations and describe them all in one place.

Having fun with number of side projects allows me to continue expanding my knowledge in various new areas. Let’s be honest, no matter how agile the team you’re working on is, you can’t necessarily play with new technologies every month 🙂 Side hobbies give me that extra flexibility, on top of building my technical strengths at a full time position.


Thanks to that, I was able to learn and achieve proficiency in a number of tools and processes:

  • Software development – this is what I do for living 🙂 I’m passionate about creating things, and seeing my creations work efficiently and being useful is very rewarding.
  • CAD (Fusion 360) – mechanical design for number of hobby projects (manufactured using various materials, mostly wood and acrylic)
  • 3d graphics – 3dsmax for modelling, familiarity with OpenGL programming, Unity engine, etc.
  • 2d graphics – comfortable with Photoshop to touch up photos, create assets for my games [menus, backgrounds, etc.]
  • electronics design (KiCAD, designing own PCBs for projects), hardware and mechanical projects (laser cutter, 3d printer)
  • video editing – desire to professionally showcase and document my creations lead me to try and further build on my skills with video editing and composition (After Effects, Boujou, Power Director)


Hope you have fun browsing this blog!

If you have any questions about any of the projects you see here, don’t hesitate to contact me. Questions about how something has been made, requests for source code, ideas to improve things – all feedback is welcome!


My other social media

If you’d like to connect on another platform, you can find me on:

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/BogdanBerg/
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/BogdanBerg
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/Bogdan.Berg/

Thank you for visiting,