Crafts – Fairy Garden

This is a great project to make with your significant other, or kids. I know making it with my Wife was very entertaining! 😉

It’s a lot of fun, and the end result looks magical.

It’s entirely based on a great tutorial made by DIY Perks:

The complete process is very well explained. Including electronics part (super easy, even if you don’t have much experience with soldering). There are no micro controllers, no software, just few wires, resistors, LEDs and a battery box 🙂

It took us couple attempts to get the mushroom domes right (silicone wasn’t drying properly), and we ended up replacing them with ping pong (table tennis) balls, cut in half and painted with acrylic paint. By making abstract designs (not going for uniform paint coverage) it makes for nice and realistic look.

Also, make sure you choose a piece of wood that looks good – this is the main piece, and it’s worth looking for something nicer. I bought mine at pet store, in the aquarium section (this piece is made out of cork wood).




End result:



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