[WIP] VR FPS Shooting Game (Unity)

[WiP – Work in Progress]

More details coming soon 🙂


What’s this game about?

Since getting Vive, I’ve been thinking about writing a game in VR. While playing games is definitely fun, I enjoy creating things even more. And in this context, playing turns into a research – seeing how various things work, what ideas I could re-use or improve on, etc. 🙂

The idea for this game is simple: first person shooter with a lot of destructible environment parts, many weapons, game modes and levels to play on, online leaderboards to add element of competition.

I see it also as a great opportunity to learn more about VR development!

The finished game will be released on Steam (Steamworks Partner Program).


Main features that I plan on delivering:

  • Multiple levels, with various themes (different environment setting, as well as slightly different game mechanics adjusted per level),
  • Many weapons to try, with realistic effects per-weapon and per-surface (i.e. bullet penetration based on the caliber, impact effects appropriate to the physical material [wood, metal, brick and more]),
  • Destructible elements of the environment! (for targets that contribute to player’s score, as well as decorative elements),
  • Efficient resource management – I want to be able to handle large number of shells, particles and debris on impact, decals on affected surfaces, etc.  – thus it’s very important to manage them in effective way, minimizing performance hit,
  • Comprehensive system for managing the shooting targets – allowing for tracking scores per piece of target hit (think: headshot vs body), flexible to accommodate wide variety of targets, with varying properties (handling targets that can be destroyed into pieces [cardboard] vs. static [metal]),
  • Following up commonly established interaction models in VR (teleporting, picking up weapons) while at the same time trying out new ways/experiences (I have ideas i.e. for dynamic HUD and more)
  • Online leaderboards
  • And most importantly: I want it to be a fun experience! 🙂



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