Hex Conqueror

Having recently graduated, I find myself with a lot of unexpected free time, that is until my work starts 🙂 To ease in the transition, I sat down and through the last 2 weeks I developed a new game. Creating games can be even more fun than playing them!

This game was developed using XNA, released for Windows Phone.
Everything, including game assets (2D graphics) was created by me.


Game description:

A board game loosely based on Othello (Reversi) and Attaxx, but with a hexagonal board and different set of rules! You can play with a friend, against a computer player or even watch two AI players competing with each other in demonstration mode. Try your tactical skills on different levels and difficulty settings. Each game lasts for few minutes, can be saved at any time and resumed later – perfect for fighting boredom wherever you are. In the game you will also find detailed instructions and a local highscores list.


Download link:



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