Event – ProFormance HPDE/racing school

Today I had an amazing opportunity to experience seat time on a race track! 🙂

I signed up for a high performance driving event with the ProFormance Racing School. The day began in a class room, where we covered basics of car physics, high speed driving, best practices and how to handle various situations. For people interested in cars a number of those things were “refreshers” and not a new knowledge, but at no point was the class boring. It was lead by Don Kitch Jr. himself, which was a privilege.

After that we proceeded onto the track. No lapping just yet – first a set of exercises. Instructors were awesome, and very good at pushing you further and closer to your vehicle’s limits 😉 (btw. the rubber cones don’t really leave marks on paint, I’m very cautious about that, and if you want couple strips of painters tape at the bumper can provide extra assurance 🙂 ).

I really enjoy driving, happily head to more scenic routes (did road to Hana 4 times, fun every time, unless you get stuck behind someone on the slower side – then pull over, enjoy the views, and give them a headstart…). And I found the exercises very interesting.

In the afternoon, we had 3 lapping sessions, with a break in between. Breaks were needed – driving a car may look like just sitting ;P but it can be really strenuous. Both for the driver and the car (the smell of brakes… remember not to put your handbrake on after a lapping session). Oh and doing 140 mph on the straight, foot away from a concrete barrier, while positioning yourself for the next turn, with windows down, slowly tires your body down. But not your mind – I haven’t felt such adrenaline rush in quite some time.

Highly recommended. I’ll be back.


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