Brush Holder

Quick, simple, yet useful little project – my wife enjoys painting (and has a talent 🙂 ), thus I made this small brush holder to make it easier to swap between brushes while painting. This is not my original design – I’ve seen it somewhere on YouTube (but can’t seem to find the original link… sorry!).

Holes are just right to accommodate brushes of various sizes, and slight difference in height between 2 sides (less than 0.5 inch) ensures that the paint is not flowing back onto the brush handle.

Design made in Inkscape and cut on laser cutter out of 5mm plywood.

Sprayed with lacquer for protection and waterproofing.


One improvement I’d make now: the space inside the holder can easily be transformed into some storage either few pockets of different sizes, or a single, big pocket. This would provide more functionality, and make the construction sturdier (even though it’s already sturdy with the existing cross beams).


Cutting and assembly:


Finishing (lacquer in spray) and final result:


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