Backyard Greenhouse

As the spring approaches, we’ve decided to set up a small greenhouse in the backyard. We want to try out simpler option first, to see how that goes, before potentially committing to something more permanent (with concrete foundation/floor, glass instead of plastic cover, etc.).

Quick search commenced and we’ve settled for a model that will nicely fit in the space we have in mind, here it is:

Purchase on Amazon ($99):

It’s a 57″ x 57″ x 77″ one, with just enough room for few rows of plants and herbs, without feeling too cramped (and you can actually walk inside and enjoy the hot air in a greenhouse 😉 ).



The constructions is simple, light-weight (but not too flimsy), and takes under an hour to assemble. Simple process, made easier with the use of hammer (to put in the pipes into connectors faster). Doable by 1 person, but more fun if you have a helper 😉

First you assemble the “skeleton”:

And then simply put the plastic “covering” on top of it:

I put down the 4 side anchors (just like for tent) as well, although I’m a bit worried about them getting in the way of mowing the grass, time will tell how that goes.

The plastic exterior is quite strong – doesn’t rip easily, feels like tarp, didn’t have any punctures in it or other defects.

And couple photos taken in the evening:

The next day, I added a single stack of bricks outside the perimeter, to hold the plastic cover firmly in place, and make it a bit more difficult for various visitors to the garden (squirrels 😉 ) to get inside and re-decorate.


Quick look inside

The greenhouse comes with mesh shelves, and they work well for the intended purpose, but I wasn’t sure if they will stay put in their place, so I secured each of them to the beams they rest on with zip ties on each corner. Quick and easy, but provides for peace of mind, knowing that a shelf won’t come down accidentally as you’re attending to the plants.


We decided to put a planter box with tomatoes against the back wall:


That was fast – let’s see how the plants turn out over the summer!


UPDATE: July 2020 (3 months after purchase)

Plants are growing well, and Bella (our yellow-sided green cheek conure) approves! 🙂



UPDATE: December 2021 (20 months after purchase)

How did it hold up?

The greenhouse is still in a good shape as it enters its second winter. The plastic shell remains strong, no discoloration nor perforation.

Over time, the fabric ties used to secure the opening at the top to allow for air started fraying and then just broke off cleanly. The material got weak from exposure to UV light. Nothing too worrying (I stapled pieces of velcro, and now it’s even easier to open/close the “door”), but made me wonder why that hasn’t been addressed originally.

But the greenhouse remains functional, and we didn’t have to update to a new/bigger one yet!

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