Article (interview) for ProFormance Racing School

Sheetal and I have been honored with an opportunity to share our racing story with others through an interview for ProFormance Racing School. It was very humbling experience – we’ve met with the writer (more on that below), had insightful conversations about the passions we share, and then the article got published!

Oh, and Bella makes a guest appearance as well, of course 🦜🙂

Check it out to learn about the fun we have together at the track, benefits of racing with your spouse, and opportunities presented by ProFormance:

Thank you to Charlie Martin for capturing our story in such a fun way! 🙏
You can check out Charlie’s page here: and here:

And, of course, huge thank you to Don, Donna, Siena, Enzo, Lola and the whole ProFormance family of passionate folks willing to share the love for speed and race craft with others! 🙏

We both can’t wait to be back on the track 🙂


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